Global Padel Solutions

Thanks to our network of alliances and collaborators, JUBO Padel offers a comprehensive service with the aim of providing a global solution to distributors and customers, thus enabling them to strengthen their business and boost the development of padel at an international level.

We can do
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Court solutions

Turnkey Projects

We help you with your project during the whole process. Residential, club, administration or events project.


All materials are packed and protected for the perfect transport, unloading and installation anywhere in the world. We offer personalized service and short delivery times.


We have instructions and a maintenance schedule so that the courts are always at the best level to be able to develop the best padel away from injuries and to play to the maximum of your potential.


We offer the possibility of supplying and installing covers specifically designed for padel. If you want to work with a local builder, we will assist during the whole process.

Floating base

The ideal complement to enhance a waterfront property, boost the profitability of a marina or add an unforgettable touch to a sporting events.

Base for courts

Place your padel court on any terrain and relocate it almost anywhere you want (pop-up configuration), without requiring expensive site preparation work.


In conjunction with Diagonal Padel Academy, the prestigious academy founded by Juan Manuel Rodriguez, and with Aurial Padel, a disruptive full padel company created by Marta Marrero, we offer a first class training methodology to improve all levels of padel, players and coaches, in the format that you require to promote your padel business: stages, clinics, camps, formations, etc.


We provide access to a complete catalogue of padel equipment with a specialised selection of brands, products and accessories for all types of clubs and players.

Clinic & Stages

Events with top level professional players and coaches for national and international players, coaches and clubs, oriented according to the level of the participants.

We offer the possibility of organising the event in our own facilities to promote the club or to develop padel in its area of influence or to receive participants in our network of facilities on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, being able to complement the training with the gastronomy, weather, culture and leisure that this tourist enclave offers us.

Padel tourism
& Holidays

The perfect program to padel & travel lovers.

We create experiences to enjoy padel under the Mediterranean area of Spain in one of the most privileged environments for its climate, mountain and sea landscapes, as well as for its people and gastronomy. A holiday immersed in padel oriented to the objectives and level of the participants, together with an environment of relaxation and leisure. In addition, we create and manage your tailormade experience by offering additional services and activities.

Sport Events

In the competitive world of padel, every detail counts, every advantage makes the difference. We create unique experiences with our exclusive sports event organisation service. Whether you need an in-house tournament, an exhibition match with top players or an intensive training day, we have the experience and expertise to make it a success. This service we offer represents an exceptional opportunity for us to help you promote your club, strengthen your membership community and attract new players and padel fans.

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