Alliances & cooperations

We participate in strategic alliances, cooperation and collaboration projects with various companies in the padel sector, with the aim of generating synergies, promoting padel and boosting its practice and projection at an international level.

Union makes

Aware of the evolution of padel and the needs that arise to promote and develop the business of its clients, JUBO has configured an active policy of alliances with key companies in the sector to actively support its clients, thus being able to configure actions with these companies, their players and professional padel coaches, generating unique business opportunities

In conjunction with Diagonal Padel Academy, the prestigious academy founded by Juan Manuel Rodriguez, and with Aurial Padel, a disruptive full padel company created by Marta Marrero, we offer a first class training methodology to improve all levels of padel, players and coaches, in the format that you require to promote your padel business: stages, clinics, camps, formations, etc.

More than just

Together, we are padel

As a leader in padel court construction, we seek strategic alliances with sector companies to grow together. Our goal: to create service synergies, promote innovation and spread the love of padel globally. Together, we will transform the industry and take padel to new heights.

Win-win strategy

More oportunities

Collaboration creates windows of opportunity for growth, innovation and development.

Common goals

We strengthen ties with other companies and create joint projects, taking into account the needs and objectives of both companies.

synergy work

Our ultimate goal is to create synergies in order to add experiences, reinforce each other and open new business opportunities in complex international projects.

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