Spanish-owned family business

We are a second generation family business that continuously strives for perfection with its solid growth and constant focus on innovation, high-quality standards and complete customer satisfaction. From the initial contact to the project completion, JUBO Padel supports its customers throughout the whole process and offers fast and professional after sales customer support.

A global leader in the
padel business

+6000 courts installed in more

than 60 countries over the world


How we proceed

We will guide you throughout the planning, purchase and installation process of padel courts and complementary services. This is how we work:

Share your
project with us

Tell us your goals and your project needs and our dedicated team will build the best padel experience for you anywhere all over the world.


We help you with your project during the whole process.


Choose structure color, turf, accessories… to create your own personalized branded court.


Courts designed and manufactured according to the International Padel Federation standards with the highest quality and safety requirements.


Personalized on-time deliveries worldwide.


In-house assembly and installation services.


Continuous support and service to always enjoy the game safely.


Complementary equipment: rackets, balls, clothing, specific accessories…

Solutions across the
entire padel value chain

Administration projects

Great capacity to supply, deliver, install and offer continuous technical support to big projects worldwide.

Club projects

In-house know-how to customize your courts to your specific ideas and requirements and the local regulations.

Residential & hotel projects

Affordable and personalized solutions to match your architectural style and court’s emplacement.

We believe.
We enjoy.
We play.
We are Padel.


A lifetime of experience in the production, sale and installation of padel courts has taught us to design durable courts for the best padel experience for players and the highest benefit of the owner.

We believe in padel as a social sport for all people regardless of their age, gender or physical conditions, as a sport in constant expansion.

We want to become an international reference as padel courts builder. We enjoy shaping each project entrusted to us, from the first contact to the final delivery and installation.

We love padel and we want to extend this amazing sport all around the world. We want to be your trusted manufacturer and share with you our passion for this sport.


One team with
one common goal

We are a multidisciplinary team with one common goal: to create the best padel courts of the market. Explore the people behind our company.

Borja Periañez
Juan Periañez
Julián Cragnaz
Marketing & Communication
Carlos Sánchez
Sales Manager
Chema Carrasco
Financial & Administration Manager
Miriam Morán
Production & Logistics Manager
David Molina
Human Resources Manager
Malin Sparf
Project Manager
Alejandro Sánchez
Project Manager
Alex Turksema
Project Manager
Evelyn Ballester
Purchase Manager
Rahma Daiday


25 years spreading
padel worldwide

Explore the history of our company and everything that inspired us to become what we are today.


After a lifetime dedicated to tennis – as a player and as president of the Denia Tennis Club (Spain) – Juan Periañez Cabrera creates the company JUBO TENNIS, specialist in the construction of tennis courts.


JUBO TENNIS builds its first padel court and finds a great potential in this new sport, deciding to focus the efforts to improve the manufacture and installation of padel courts in Spain.


His sons, Juan (2002) and Borja (2006) join the company, maintaining the philosophy of working with the best qualities to become a benchmark in the national market.


After the death of Juan Periañez Cabrera, Juan and Borja take the reins of the company continuing with the maxim of striving for a job well done, caring for their products and customers.


JUBO Padel borns and the international expansion begins with some projects in Central America, North Africa, Asia and, mainly, in Europe.


In recent years, JUBO Padel has expanded its facilities to have full control over the production, storage, distribution and installation of the courts to continue offering an optimal service. Thus, since 2020 the manufacturing capacity of JUBO Padel has been increases to more than 2.000 padel courts per year.


We continue to invest in research and technology with the same goal that defines us: to create the best padel courts on the market.