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The SUPER PANORAMIC court has been designed to achieve the minimum visual impact, with no pillars in the corners, to offer maximum performance to both players and spectators. Enjoy an incredible playing experience. Feel the robustness, safety and quality. An elegant, superior and professional court only for the best.

Its superior structural strength with a distinctive minimalist design, that pushes the limits of what is technically feasible today. The Super Panoramic court exceeds all expectations. Want to play like a pro? This is the place.

Technical Specifications

Active perimeter

SUPER PANORAMIC walls built with 84m of hot galvanized tube 140x60x2mm along the entire perimeter of the glass walls (without tubes or metal profiles in the corners of the court), providing greater safety with the best aesthetic finish. The glass walls are anchored to the ground with 60 homologated metallic anchors. Glasses are fixed perimetrically to the structural tube and the glasses are perfectly flush with the mesh, without edges.

Electro-welded wire mesh

Fourteen units of 1x2m of mesh frames manufactured with 3mm thick perimetral plate with inner 50x50x4mm electro-welded wire mesh, installed above the glass wall, with a minimalist design to offer the best visibility for spectators and an impressive aesthetic finish.

Twelve units of 3x2m mesh frames manufactured with 3mm thick folded plates and folded mesh on vertical sides designed as an anti-injury system that at the same time provides an unbeatable aesthetic finish, guaranteeing the continuity of the homogeneous mesh.

These frames are internally reinforced with 2 tubes 40x20x2mm in order to maximize the long-term resistance against deformations caused by blows.

Galvanized steel

The metallic structure of the padel court is carbon steel S235 and hot galvanized Z275.

Support of the structure

Eight pillars 100x50x2mm thick of 3m high, with anchor plates measuring 26x19x1cm thick which are reinforced with 40cm tall buttresses. Each pillar is positioned every 2m to reinforce and brace the structure, anchored to the ground using 4 homologated metallic anchors.

Metallic anchors bolts homologated by the EU

One hundred forty-four metallic anchors bolts homologated by the EU and A4 stainless steel screws.

Certified paint

Qualisteelcoat® C4H and C5VH (ISO 12944).

Net posts matching the structure

Rounded shape without corners, with an internal tensioning system accessible with a hinged lid and hidden anchor plate to avoid injuries.

World Padel Tour type open entrances

Two large open entrances in the centre of the court to facilitate players’ quick and safe access and exit.


Elite players collaborations


We work together with two outstanding padel players.

One of the players with the longest and most successful careers in WPT history, Agustin Gomez Silingo, was a key member of the team that developed our Infinity court. His expertise has been essential in providing us with professional player feedback, enabling us to create the best court on the padel market.

For the past twelve years, Marta Marrero has been regarded as one of the top padel players in the world. She won 25 professional championships and was ranked first in the world in 2016 and 2019 before temporarily retiring from the World Padel Tour. She currently owns five Aurial Padel clubs in Spain, each with its own padel academy where anyone can enjoy playing in our Infnity court.

We are proud to collaborate and share the passion for padel with these two great professionals.


needs quality

Tempered Glass

According to the standards of the International Padel Federation for tempered glass, 12mm thick with flat polished edge, with perfect planimetry and fully homologated according with the WPT, Premier Padel and APT designs: 18 glasses of 2995x1995mm, with countersunk holes (108m²).

Rubber joints of the highest quality, with the same thickness as the metal section, to absorb shock and vibration of the glass against the metal structure.

Anchoring of tempered glass with M10 countersunk screws A4 stainless steel.

Patented structural system meets Eurocodes standards.

Choose the structural system you need

Depending on the weather conditions to where the court will be exposed to, or if it needs to be a fixed or temporary installation, but always enjoy the same performance, maintaining maximum elegance and the best design, regardless of whether you play indoors or on the roof of a skyscraper.

Strength and resistance to be able to withstand normal weather conditions. Patented structural system designed to obtain the best game performance, at all levels and intensively. The recommended option for most facilities, padel clubs, hotels and private homes.

Designed to be able to assemble and disassemble the court without losing quality and playability. With portable kit to avoid anchoring to the ground. Suitable for temporary or fixed installations, it’s the an ideal option for events.

Turf model: Supercourt

MONDO XN SUPERCOURT (Official Turf of World Padel Tour) top quality monofilament in green, red or blue colour. Turf made from STX and XNOVA, both polyethylene fibre, texturized (curly) monofilaments, 10 mm height and 250 / 160 μm thick. 6 monofilament fibres inserted per knot and 46.200 knots per m2 (total: 554.400 filaments per m2). 10.000 Dtex turf with a total fibre weight of 1.393 g/m2. Support base finished in polyurethane to ensure better long-term finish, with a total product weight of 2.208g/m2.

Colour options
Turf model: Pro Turf 240

PRO TURF 240 top quality monofilament in blue, green, clay, red, pink or black colour. Turf made from polyethylene fibre, texturized (curly) monofilaments, 10 mm height and 170 μm thick. 6 monofilament fibres inserted per knot and 50.394 knots per m2 (total: 806.304 filaments per m2). 8.800 Dtex turf with a total fibre weight of 1.353 g/m2. Backing made with a dual layer woven polypropylene with fibrelocked fleece and latex, with a total product weight of 2.504/m2.

Colour options

Efficient lighting

Pillars with LED ultra slim floodlights, with high luminosity, high efficiency heatsink, and high quality driver.

Lighting LED options according to the project
PowerLuminous fluxLuminous efficiencyPower factorColour temperatureBeam angleLifetime
Club version150 W22,500 Lm150 Lm/W>0,954000 K120°50,000 hours
Master version200 W30,500 Lm150 Lm/W>0,954000 K120°50,000 hours

We can do whatever
you need

You can personalize your court with structure, colour, turf and more options. If you need something specific out of the options don’t worry, we can do it too.

  • Structure colour
  • Zinc primer
  • Turf model
  • Lighting & illumination
  • Doors
  • Customizable reinforcements
  • Protectors
  • Ball-stop nets
  • Accesories


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