In general, there are two types of turf, monofilament and fibrillated. The best is always monofilament, for its greater resistance, greater game comfort and less maintenance. Regarding the monofilament turf, there are two types of fibre: upright and textured. JUBO PADEL works with MONDO, distributing and installing its STX grass STX (upright fibre) and STX SUPERCOURT (textured fibre, official WPT turf) because they are the best on the market, made exclusively for padel. Pay attention to lower quality copies. Be critical and compare the technical specifications (JUBO PADEL can help you with this). Without any doubt, the quality is worth it. Also, consider how much maintenance you want / can do (a good turf requires less maintenance) and the useful life of the turf (a good turf lasts longer). What guarantee does the manufacturer offer? You can read more about the material here.