We go one step further towards offering global padel solutions

We do it with the best partners, Matches Padel Solutions, Smart Padel and Playtomic.

At JUBO Padel, beyond keeping up with the rhythm of the game, we redefine the rules with a vision of future.

We mark a new milestone in our constant commitment to offer solutions around padel with our recent alliance with Matches Padel Solutions and Smart Padel, technological leaders in the implementation of an intelligent automation system to manage the facilities and services of the clubs in an optimised way, improving processes and increasing the profitability of the centres. Its integration with the leading booking platform Playtomic, benefits the clubs with an increase in turnover, through the strong growth in number of matches and savings in energy and operating costs of those who implement it.

Smart Padel develops technology for the automation of sports facilities.

It came to life in 2022, after fifteen years of experience in the automation of facilities in other sectors. They found the formula for club managers to optimize the performance of their clubs, through cost savings and management time.

Matches Padel Solutions technology emerged in 2021 from the specific need of clubs to automate the tasks of broadcasting and managing their matches, classes and tournaments through WhatsApp, with the aim of removing manual work and increasing the participation of their customers by creating communities of loyal players.

At JUBO, we believe in continuous evolution, in offering a 360º vision that goes beyond building the best padel courts and this alliance reaffirms our core business: to be able to offer global solutions with projects that excite us. In this case, moreover, with a partner that encourages us to take a qualitative leap towards digitalization and innovation in this sport.

“This common proposal means an improvement in the service to our customers, accompanying them from the beginning in the creation of high quality and 100% customizable facilities and in the implementation of automation tools to manage them in an improved and efficient way”. Carlota Casas, CMO Matches Padel Solutions.

What are the benefits of this alliance?

We position ourselves at the forefront of technology in padel.

We significantly improve customer service, informing our clients of the latest news.

We optimize working hours in the clubs, making them more efficient.

We increase the occupation of the courts, guaranteeing a better profitability.

Differentiation from other clubs, adding unique value to our offer.

Together with Matches Padel Solutions and Smart Padel, we will offer new agile tools that will not only improve the management of facilities, but also enhance the overall experience and allow total adaptation to the needs of each club. Beyond playing, feeling and enjoying padel.

Is there a better match possible to go beyond expectations?