Málaga Padel World Summit

🌐 We are expanding our action map within our ambitious goal, offer global padel solutions. We will soon visit Malaga to be part of the Padel World Summit, held from 21 to 23 May. 

An appointment for padel professionals worldwide, where the best way to win the game, will be sharing trends, innovative visions, strengthen alliances and be inspired to make this sport an increasingly complete and profiled experience. 

🎾 HALL 1 – Stand 208

A perfect chance to experience first-hand what makes us pioneers in the sector, how we can take your padel project to the next level, how our customized solutions can enrich the playing experience and how, together with strategic partners, we can propose projects with a global vision. 

Also, Malaga Padel World Summit will be for JUBO Padel the perfect scene to put in value the power of alliances and collaborations.

Last 2023 we became the Official A1 Padel Court, we continue to rely on VOLT Padel as a Premium brand to offer qualified sports equipment with unique design. Together with Diagonal Padel Academy we offer the opportunity to have access to top level coaches anywhere in the world and together with Smart Padel and Matches Padel Solutions, we implement an optimization in the implementation of intelligent automated management systems and the booking and profitability processes of padel clubs. 

What is our challenge at Padel World Summit? To give you a clear idea of what we can do for you and your padel project!