Game on in Mónaco!

As the second tournament of the A1 Padel season, the CMB Masters, takes place in Monaco, with Jubo Padel installing some of the most spectacular courts, one of our partners, Matches Padel Solutions, joins the celebration of excellence in every aspect of the game. 

With our recent partnership, Matches Padel is positioned to play a crucial role behind the scenes, ensuring that the passion for padel goes uninterrupted at any high-level tournament.

Its booking and management software is an essential backbone for clubs and tournaments, allowing players to concentrate on what they do best: playing and enjoying themselves. And for clubs, it relieves them of much of the burden of manual work, making it more efficient. At events like the CMB Master, where padel is celebrated at its best, differentiating in efficiency and technological innovation, with agile tools like Matches Padel’s software, echoes with every serve and point scored.

Although Matches Padel Solutions is not present in Monaco, its spirit and philosophy are present, making it easy for players and clubs to experience padel in the most seamless and satisfying way possible. 

We are proud to be part of this revolution, working together with industry leaders to take the sport to new heights.

We celebrate with all the participants and supporters of the CMB Masters in Monaco, so that this event will be a reminder of how innovation and passion can join together to create unforgettable experiences in padel.